At Cape Color World, we're committed to responding to the needs of the customer. Whether it's the painting contractor on a month-long project, or the weekend do-it-yourselfer, our store is stocked to provide you with quality paints, coatings, spray equipment parts, and painting accessories to see your job through to the end.
     Our salespeople have training and expertise to handle any color-matching situation and are available to visit any job site for technical advice or material estimation. It is this personal attention to the customer, as well as to the small details, that makes Cape Color World the experienced paint store that we are.
     It has always been our commitment at Cape Color World to sell the highest quality paint and coatings possible, and it is our Trademark that is your assurance of that quality. Stop by our Paint Store and see for yourself the difference we can make with your painting or decorating needs.

     We are a Paint Store not a Paint Department